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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

P is for Party!

So, I was invited to a house party last Saturday. Yep! A party! Wooooooooo!!! This may seem like a bit of an overreaction but, bear in mind that due to illness I haven't had a social life in about 3 months. That's 91 days!!! So as you can imagine, I decided to go all out for this one.

So I tried to plan what to wear the minute I got the invite. But that was difficult. What does one wear to these such events? I could wear a dress with heels. But then I thought that could lead to some embarrassing situations on the dance floor if I'm completely reckless. So, after much deliberation and texts to my friends, I decided on the whole 'party top, skinny jeans, heels & enough jewellery to permanently blind someone' look.

So after painfully waiting, the day of the party eventually arrived. I had my haircut that morning, which I was really happy with. I then picked a few bits and bobs up from Morrison's and got home. I was sitting on my bed, all ready to apply my fake nails when suddenly, out of absolutely NOWHERE came this wave of utter exhaustion. It was 2pm and I had to be at my friends to get ready in 2 hours. In this time, I had to pack my stuff (there was a lot of it!), apply my nails and paint my toenails (paint them black, might I add, so this would have taken about an hour since I'm sooooo clumsy when it comes to nail polish =S).

Anyway, I thought, "I've been looking forward to this party for so long, I'm not going to let tiredness get in the way!". So I decided to set my phone alarm for 2.30pm and have a bit of a catnap.

I was suddenly awoken by my mum barging into my room saying "Are you not getting ready darling??" I sleepily look at my phone and realise it's 3.15. My stupid, temperamental phone alarm didn't go off! So, as you can imagine, I rush doing my nails and pack and eventually get to my friends, 40 minutes late, but heyho, better late than never!

So, I slip (or squeeze really, with great, great difficulty. In fact, I can't bear thinking about it a moment longer) into my black skinny jeans, put my coral orange top on and my coral heels. Then a friend does my hair, another one does my make up amazingly and then I deck myself out in my jewellery. And there was a lot. I wore big gold hoops in my ears, loads chunky gold bangles and a ginormous ring on each hand, big enough to deck someone if they get weird on the dance floor =D.

So we arrived at the party, all ready to get to know new people. It was great, awkward at first but then got better. Well, the reason why I say it was awkward was because I was starving. I hadn't really eaten much the whole day and when I got there was too nervous to go up to the food table. So, the first hour was spent with me talking to people and coughing a lot because I was trying to cover up the sound of my stomach rumbling =(. But then I spotted a friend go sit right near the food table. So I went to talk to him, stuffing myself with pretzels in the process! It worked a treat! A good game plan for you fellow party-goers who find yourselves in this situation!

I caught up with some old friends, met a couple of new ones and generally had a great time. We danced, talked, laughed, took pics, reminisced, learnt to samba and just laughed a whole lot more.

A great night, finished off with an amaaaaazing kebab and a film after....couldn't get any better than that my friends!!

Oh and on a side note....I didn't take my heels off alllllll night! Sorry, but I can't help but be proud of myself for that ;) Girls reading this should understand my joy, hopefully =P

Ditzy xXx

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