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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

College = Danger

College can be a very dangerous place. Yes, many of you may be thinking the obvious… stairs, with the possibility of falling down them; slippery floors; rowdy students; paper cuts, you know, the usual. However, I had an encounter with a much more dangerous… thing. To many, it provides assistance to get where they need to go. It proves to be very useful. But to me, it is a threat. It threatens my dignity, my reputation, my coolness (=P). Friends, I am talking about… the college Lifts (or elevators, if you’re based somewhere other than the UK).
So, I had gone to the college shop to stock up on ‘supplies’ (crisps, chocolate, drinks… the usual junk). Since we were up on the 4th floor, I decided to take the lift up. Well, that was a mistake of gargantuan proportions. As I was getting in the lift, a very kind person pressed one of the lift buttons, only for the lift doors to close…right on me. For a split second, I was crushed between the lift doors. My whole life flashed before my very own eyes. The pain on my right arm was… excruciating, to put it lightly. Friends, not only was my arm battered and bruised beyond thought but my dignity, my reputation and, yes, my mega coolness had also been crushed between those lift doors. They remain there, pining for me to take them back. However, I am unable to do this. How can I regain all these attributes?? It is impossible *sob* =’(.
What made the whole thing worse was my friend laughing at the whole event… for at least 2 hours!! You know who you are =/
So peeps, just a warning. Be careful wherever you go. The lifts are more dangerous than the streets of London, I kid you not.
Oh and as promised, a big hello to my mate Wiktoria. You know who you are my amazing Pole Mole….. Sneeeeeekars =P
Ditzy Polka Dot xXx

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