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Friday, 29 July 2011

Shoe-aholic Much???

Looking at my profile pic you'd probably have guessed that I love shoes. The quirkier the better. Ever since I was allowed to wear high heels, I let rip. "You can never have enough shoes". Those 6 words are the wise words on which I cling, to this day. It's true though, isn't it? No matter how many pairs are rammed in your wardrobe, you never stop looking at the shoe section in a shop. You just find yourself there, even when you swear to yourself that you will steer well away from the "racks of temptation". Then you see the most gorgeous pair that you simply can't go home without. And what usually makes it even better is when they're on sale. You see, me being the cheapskate that I am, I don't spend more than a tenner on my shoes (mostly!). I take pride in those pairs that cost me no more than three quid, brand new on sale from a respected shop... I kid you not. And, annoying though it is to some people, I can't help but blurt out the price of my bargains when complimented on them. Only because I'm proud of how little I paid for them. 

But anyway, there's something about the shoe that just....completes you. We all have our favourite pair of shoes, I'm sure. There's that one pair that, sort of becomes a friend, more dependable than any man. That pair promises to complete an outfit. Elongate your legs. Make your feet look nice. Make you look taller and therefore more slender. Carry you all day, even in the rain. They'll never leave you for a better looking foot. They'll make you feel good. And they'll support you all day, as long as you want them to.

Yes, the shoe is a dependable creature, if one can call it that. Yes, nice shoes and women are the perfect combo, for anyone involved. Like cake and icing, salt and fries, fish and chips, strawberries and chocolate, boats and water, Romeo and Juliet you get the picture?
So, if there are any guys reading this blog, take this entry to heart. Remember it for years to come. Buy that special someone a pair of shoes. =p

They say the way to a mans heart is food. Well, the way to a girls heart, is shoes!

Ditzy xXx

(Please note: This is just a material side of things. Shoes are not all there is to life, I'm not implying that. And shoes are definitely NOT the most important thing in a relationship. Just thought I'd better clarify before anyone thinks of me as a shallow, materialistic lemming =))


  1. Haha great entry

  2. :)
    I bought these heels from mod-cloth for my last ex on her birthday. She loved them...