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Monday, 22 August 2011

You Make Me Wanna.....Munch!

It's been a while since my last entry so I thought I'd better write one soon. The thing is, I had no idea what to write about....I think they call it "writers block". But now the ideas have come in waves! It's always the case, isn't it?

So, you may think the title to this entry is kind of weird. Well, I'm pretty sure everyone knows at least one person who is, quite frankly, an immature....individual (the key here is self control!!!). If you haven't already noticed from my other posts, I like to eat. I love food! Now, when someone comes along and looks down on people who eat, they just spur me on even more. They make me wanna eat even more! I don't understand people who judge. Before mentioning the rafter in my eye, remove the rafter in your own eye first. Then perhaps we can focus on me.

To be honest, I admire people who are big and proud! Miranda Hart, for example, has had to endure so much criticism over her weight, when she is an amazing comedienne. Why do people focus so much on looks and not on the actual talent?!?!?! (NB: If you don't know who Miranda Hart is, PLEASE Google her!!! She's amaaaazing!!!)

Now, it must be said, I'm not one of those people who say things like " to all you haters out there....." (not that there is anything remotely wrong with that. It's just not my style). But for this entry, it must be done.

So, to all you haters out there... Hate all you want. Stare all you want. Laugh all you want. Gossip all you want. I have my mates. I have my family. I have my unending love for small, insignificant things. You clearly don't have that. And, really and truly, you make me wanna munch! 

Ditzy Polka Dot xXx

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