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Saturday, 15 June 2013

I'm Covering My Ears Like a Kid. . . Because I Need Sunshine. . .

Hello there fellow crazy people!

How are you all today? So, you might recognise the lyrics above. They're taken from two different songs:

La La La by Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith
I Need by Maverick Sabre

Quite deep lyrics really and not the usual happy stuff that my blog posts usually consist of. But I thought I would publish this post anyway.

So I've been in a bit of a dark place recently but don't worry, I shall refrain from going into it. However, I will say this. . .

"Negativity is the first step onto the path of destruction." (I made that quote up. And yes, I'm proud of it).

Yes ladies and gentlemen, negativity is a very bad thing. Obviously. Otherwise it wouldn't be called negativity. But anyway, what I'm trying to say is when someone tries to put you down, cover your ears. Yes, literally, cover your ears like a kid. Walk away. And find someone worth spending time with.

Most of us have at least one person there who really, truly cares for us. Yet we can be so wrapped up in our problems, so focused on getting others to try and care, that we lose sight of the ones that actually want to help us and want us to fare well. Why do we waste our time on those that don't care? Those that never will? Why do we continue to ignore the ones that love us?

Then there are those who pretend to care. They offer empty words that actually have demeaning undertones. And the annoying thing is, we know this. We know the 'advice' they give isn't real advice. We feel the bite more than we feel the so-called positive remarks. And yet we continue to stick by these ones, when we know that they'll drop us when they find something/someone better.

So people, Naughty Boy and Sam Smith have it covered. This is what we need to do when it comes to negativity. . .

"I'm covering my ears like a kid
When your words mean nothing, I go la la la
I'm turning off the volume when you speak
Cause if my heart can't stop it, I found a way to block it, I go
La la, la la la...
La la, la la la...
I found a way to block it, I go
La la, la la la...
La la, la la la..."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but I think I speak for all of us when I quote Maverick Sabre here. . .

"I need sunshine, I need angels, I need
Something good, yeah I need
Blue skies, I need them old times,
I need something good"

Because we all deserve something good. We all deserve sunshine and blue skies (yes, even us Brits need these things. . . take note Weather!!!). We all need something good in our lives. So why oh why waste our time on those that try to drag us down. Just focus on the ones that care, the ones that love, and the stuff that makes YOU happy. Because that's all we need. . . Something good.

So again, this is supposed to be motivational with positive undertones. Not sure if that's coming across. But I'm back in my happy place! And I hope you all are too. And those who aren't, I hope you'll join me on the road to happy. Because it's a nice place to be =)

So guys, I shall see you soon. I have a rather inviting mound of coursework to get through. And then I shall munch. On some salad leaves. In my happy place. . .

Keep Smeating folks!

Ditzy xXx

P.S. . . If you find it difficult to find your happy place. . . Just imagine a T-Rex trying to clap his hands. . .

I have a top with this printed on it haha.
Let's all take a moment to appreciate the fact that we can clap our hands. Sing it with me peeps. . . I just wanna hear you clap again, clap clap again. . . =P

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