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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Goodbye College, Hello World!

Hello my little blog-reading-cupcakes! How are you all?

So I'm sat in Starbucks writing a post using my phone for the first time ever. I usually write posts on my laptop. At home. Usually while snugly wrapped in a duvet. But I was in town today and have some time to kill and I thought I'd go to Starbucks and start blogging, in the hope of fitting in here and looking like a real business woman. I mean, it would carry more weight if I had bought my laptop along with me but hey, I have enough weight to carry. Because I've stopped doing Insanity *sob sob*. Yep, it was just too hard. I didn't have the time, patience, or will to do it properly to be honest. But I am determined to do it one day. One day I shall conquer Insanity, Shaun T, and that bloomin' Tanya!!

Oh and in case you're wondering what I'm drinking whilst writing this post, it's a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frapaccino. And it's delicious! Ok so it IS cold outside and I DID plan on having a hot drink but the 'cookie crumble' bit caught my eye and everything else seemed incomparable.  So I'm freezing.  But it's worth it. And if I die of hypothermia today, at least I'll die happy. And full of cookies! AND chocolate.  That's got to be the best way to go, right? Full of the stuff you love.

Anyway I shall procrastinate no longer and get to the heart of this blog post. Ladles and Jellyspoons. . .I have finished college!!! Jai fini, finito, college mukagay (if you speak Panjabi). I am free!! I now have a BTEC Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care at Merit grade.  Which is equivalent to 3 A Levels at B grade. To be honest, I know I could have done better and got Distinction* (3 A*'s) but my health got in the way. But heyho, I'm happy!

So now I am looking for a job which is so exciting! The thought of my first payslip, earning my own money, being able to support myself properly. . . The excitement literally cannot be contained!! So please wish me all the best. Because I'm nervous! But excited all the same. Any hints, tips and insight into the World of Work would also be much appreciated!

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at my college. I seriously had the best tutors anyone could ever ask for. That's such a cliché but it's honestly so true. I felt important at college and my tutors helped me to have confidence in my own abilities. Little nuggets of wisdom were given to me that I will keep close to my heart for years to come. Also, the jokes we had, teaching one of my tutors 'signs from da hood', getting into some pretty heavy debates, getting some amazing advice for the future,  exchanging cake decorating ideas, exchanging beauty advice.    . The works! It was all so fun and so memorable. And I cheekily wrote the address to this blog in some cards that I gave to certain tutors so if you're reading this, it's not entirely in vain. You know who you all are.

My college mates! I will never forget our crazy times together! The endless laughs, the half hearted goss, the fun, the winding each other up and the amazing chats about food! I shall miss it all! Some of you are going to uni, some are going on to do other courses and some are working.  You guys are seriously all amazing!! And I'm so glad I did this course. Because if I didn't,  I wouldn't have met such amazing, crazy, and some just downright annoying people who I love! I know most of us will keep in touch but still!

Also the college dinner ladies! You were all so sweet. One in particular always used to give me a bit extra curry/pasta/whatever I was having. And we always had a laugh. They shall be missed! And so will the amazing carrot cake that they used to make. But that's beside the point.

Finally, someone who I know will probably never read this blog because he doesn't know about it. He also probably doesn't even remember me. But he was someone who worked at my local Connexions office (when Connexions was still around!). When I finished school, I didn't know what to do with my life. I knew a little British Sign Language and wanted to be an interpreter but there were no sign language courses that I could join in my area. So I went to Connexions to see if they could give me some direction. Bare in mind I was taught at home since year 8 at school and I had no GCSE's.

So I saw an advisor who advised me to go onto a Health and Social Care course at the local college because they might touch on sign language a little. This was at the end of August so deadlines for college applications were approaching or had already passed. But he let me fill out an application.  I was nervous about what to write in the box where you had to state why you wanted to get onto the course. But I filled it to the best of my ability. When the advisor came back, he read my application and chuckled to himself. This got me worried and I think he saw this on my face. And with that he said something I will never, ever forget . .

"I have high hopes for you".

Well my confidence soared and I never looked back! He said he worked at the college and would hand the application in personally and put in a good word for me. Which he must have done because I was accepted onto the course. I never saw him again. And I don't know where to find him. Because I'd love to just thank him for his support and advice. And also tell him what qualifications this girl with no GCSE's now has. I reckon he'd be pleased. But ultimately I just want to thank him. Because it's partly because of him that I am where I am today. So thank you kind sir!

Anyway, I'm pretty much done with the thank you's. And I reckon the Starbucks staff are going to kick me out soon. So I'd better jet.

But thank you for reading this people! I really cannot express how much I appreciate your views! Oh dear. . . All these thank you's are totes emotes! I'm going to start welling up in this cafe! Help!

Have a good day cupcakes!

Keep Smeating!!

Ditzy xXx

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