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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ben Howard, Sam Fender, Theo Speaks, Shaun T, Alan Sugar, Jon Richardson. . . A Seriously Mish Mash Collaboration

Hello there you amazing readers!

Right, the last few blogs I've written have been all started with an apology for not writing a post in ages followed by a promise to write more regularly. So I thought, why break the trend?

So, dear readers I am soooooo sorry for not writing a single post recently! I have honestly been soooo busy with coursework, work, and other issues. But, alas, I am back and I'm back with a vengeance! I am determined, DETERMINED, to write at least one blog post a week. I have vowed to myself that I will. So I will. There. Done.

Ok, so granted, the title to this post is a little weird. You may have heard of some of these people. You may not. But anyway, these are the people I shall mention in the blog.
So let's start with Ben Howard! I went to see Ben Howard last night and it was breath taking. I am not even kidding. I will even go so far as to admit that I, Ditzy Polka Dot, was rendered speechless.

I really like Ben's music and so I was looking forward to the gig. I had high expectations too. I had read online that he wasn't great at interacting with the crowd but that didn't phase me too much. I was going for the music. Let me tell you now, those expectations were exceeded mahoosively!

His smile!!

The atmosphere was great and Ben interacted with us perfectly. He was funny, so humble, and just brilliant. We managed to get quite near the front which was brilliant. But his voice!

Ben Howard's voice has the ability to send shivers down your spine and make you feel like you're flying all at once. It's honestly euphoric. It was also pretty emotional. I saw a few people shed a tear or two with some of his songs. But then he he'd lift you up with a different one. He played a few of his new songs, which are amazing! I think I like them even better than his old stuff. The crowd was great too. Very upbeat, but not annoying.
The set was absolutely gorgeous! The lighting, the background, the smoke. Everything was so perfect. Ben's band were great too, but I can't remember their names! Sorry! He used at least 3 different guitars too but I'm sure there were loads more. I'm just not very observant when it comes to things like that. But he kept switching to different ones between songs.

Sam Fender was the supporting act for Ben Howard. Let me tell you, this man is amazing!!!! From the information I managed to glean, Sam is from Shields (?) he plays the guitar, and he has an amazing voice. That is all I could find. Literally. But all that matters is he honestly has a voice that makes you melt. Excuse the ridiculous cliché but there honestly is no other way to put it. His voice is beautiful, really husky, and just. . . awesome! It gave me goose bumps. And shivers. And I'm pretty sure it gave someone heart palpitations but I'm not sure. But anyway, he's brilliant. Definitely someone I want to see before he gets an even bigger following. So yeah people, look out for SAM FENDER!

I have uploaded a few videos of both Ben Howard and Sam Fender on YouTube. The link is at the bottom of this post. Let me know what you think!

So the next person I am going to mention is my mate Théo Speaks =) To be honest, I'm going to let the video below do the talking, because it is seriously impressive. Théo has been freestyling for a while but has just started to get back into it. I also happen to know that he's been on telly doing it which is rather exciting! Check it out people, it's unreal. Even if you're not into football/sport/exercise, this is seriously inspirational. And coming from me, that should mean even more! He'll be uploading videos once a week so subscribe! And if you're around Manchester/Liverpool, look out for him!

Right, The Apprentice is back on! Yayyyyyy!!!!!! Have you guys been enjoying it? I have! Though, is it just me or are the girls really bitchy this year? Like REALLY horrible. They actually terrify me. Wouldn't like to come across them in a dark ally. But anyway, I have three faves; Jason Leech, Myles Mordaunt, and Neil Clough.

Jason! He is brilliant! I love how scattered and 'in his own world' he is! Yeah, so, like everyone else, I was wondering what such a person was doing on such a sophisticated, intimidating show. But there must be something! He's a historian, for goodness sake! So I reckon he might surprise us all! I just LOVE this quote made by the Jasonator. . .

“Some people might come to this process with a game plan. I just feel my effortless superiority will take me all the way.”

Go on Jase! Show them all how it's done!

So, Myles Mordaunt is another fave. Because he's beautiful. He's also 39. So it makes me feel a bit weird thinking he's beautiful. But hey, if it's on the screen I might as well appreciate the view! He's actually pretty good and very logical. I think he could go pretty far on the show.

Just to quote the man himself. . .

He says: “I’m business perfection personified.”

I think you're a lot of things perfection personified Myles ;) But that's just my humble opinion =P

Last but not least, Neil Clough! I've got to admit, I didn't really rate Neil at the beginning of the process, especially when he was PM. I thought he was a little too 'I know how to do this and I don't need anyone else's views, opinions, or anything on the matter'. And that attitude lost him the task. BUT on last weeks task ('the away day') where he gave his motivational speech, he really won me over. It was really sad about his dad passing away, but it was evident that he wasn't using this as a guilt trip or for a sympathy vote. He focused on how it made him determined to succeed. He also said that you need to have one drive in life. One focus. And that, ladies and gentlemen, really motivated me. So he's earned a newfound respect from me and various others who I've talked to on the matter.

According to his profile Neil is "a Manchester United supporter". Well, nobody's perfect! =P

So anyway, it's nice to see Lord Sugarlump back on our screens isn't it? Cocky and blunt as ever, and I love it! Can't wait for tonight's episode!!

Shaun T, if you don't know him, is a guy that has put together Insanity Workouts. He is famous for lots of things, but I know him through Insanity. People, I'd like you to put down whatever you're eating, make sure you're seated and ensure your breathing is steady. Because what I'm about to tell you will shock you to the core.

I have decided to start exercising.

Not just any exercise either. I've decided to start Insanity. These are highly intense workouts that you have to do for 40 minutes every day for 60 days. And when I say highly intense, I mean every word. The dude suggests you wear a HEART MONITOR! Yeah, I don't do things by halves =P

So the first day I did it was on Saturday, followed by a completely inspirationally (is that even a word?) healthy KFC Variety Meal. Ugh! WHEN will I say no to the stuff! But I am determined to lose weight, get fit, and just be healthy. So this is what I am endeavouring to do. Help! I will let you know of my progress. But if I don't write a blog post next week, it might be because I'm sat in a corner of my room, rocking back and forth, hugging myself, trying to find my happy place. Just a warning.

Ok last but not least. . . JON RICHARSON!!! Whoooooooop!!!!! Heard of him? I hope you have! Jon Richardson is one of my fave comedians EVER!!!! He's so awkward, such a loner, has such a cute smile and makes me laugh so much that I LOVE him!!!  He also wears cardigans! *cough* chunky knit conundrum *cough* ;) If that's not a sign people, I don't know what is!

SO, I know this post has been pretty random and scattered (not unlike Jason Leech) but I hope you have enjoyed your read! I shall start writing shorter blogs a lot more regularly so please keep coming back! I really appreciate your views and feedback!

Keep Smeating Folks! (Remember, just smile and eat peeps, just smile and eat)

Ditzy xXx

Oooh YouTube vids!

Sam Fender:

For more Sam Fender and Ben Howard vids, just check out my page on YouTube, because they're being uploaded as I type! Enjoy my little cupcakes! xXx


  1. Babes u always make me laff sooooo hard! Such a good read, as per u-su-al! :) I ♥ Jon and Myles too.... both beauts! :)

    Keep up the Blog-Socks sis! Luv u supermuch! xXx ♥♥♥♥

    -Golden Nugget (can u guess who?!)

    1. Hahaha thanks sooo much sis! So glad you enjoyed it =) xXx