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Friday, 19 October 2012

The 'Guys + Chunky Knit' Conundrum

Hello fellow crazy people! How are you?

It has been ages and for that I apologise. However, I am back and will hopefully stay here for a while.

Before I go any further however, I need to tell you something. I had a, what I suppose you could call,  epiphany. Or maybe it was just a moment of mental breakdown. Whichever one it was, I had it. Let me set the scene. . .

I was in T K Maxx, shopping. I had finished looking in the women's section of clothes so I decided, as a bit of a change of scenery, I would have a look at the men's clothes. So, I was looking at a garment in particular. A grey, chunky knit, men's cardigan. It was beautiful. But as I was feeling the arm of the garment, something happened. Right there and then, my whole resolve to stay single diminished before me. I felt ridiculously vulnerable and alone.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my resolve to stay single had diminished in the Men's Section of T K Maxx.

I kid you not.

So here I am, sitting on my bed, eating Salted Popcorn feeling a little bit sorry for myself. (I also have a massive bar of Galaxy Cookie Crumble, but no one needs to know that minor detail). I have a massive list of things to do before I start into a serious relationship. Things on this list include travelling, travelling and even more travelling. I haven't even done #1 on the list, let alone #36.

However, to keep myself focused I made up a list of reasons WHY I don't want to be in a relationship. It went something like this. . . 

- I'm too 'me' orientated... I don't wanna have to consider someone else's feelings before my own. I wanna think about myself for a change. No one else. Call this narcissistic if you want, I stopped caring a looong time ago =)

- I have too many obsessions... Bruno Mars, Russell Howard, Channing Tatum ... 
chocolate, just eating in general, to name a few =P

- I like to go out with friends and not worry about what other people think. I don't flirt with guys. At all. But I like to have friends that are guys without someone being jealous =S

- I'm happy. Just as I am =)

- I don't want added stress =)

So, these are my reasons. *sigh of relief*... glad I got that one off my chest =)
So there you have it. I know this is a completely pointless post but I thought I'd grace you with it anyway.

Oh and just in case any of you watch The Great British Bake Off. . . HOW amazing was it?!?!?!
A MAHOOSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to John Whaite for winning!!! (I know it's highly unlikely that John follows my blog, but just in case he ever decides to Google his name, I have hopes that my blog will sneak into the search results and be seen by him =P)
Commiserations to James Morton (his 'Derelict Barn' was brilliant!!!) and Brendan Lynch (a massive contender). Again, I am in hope that they will Google their names and come across this blog xD

Ok guys, thanks for reading!

Keep smiling!

Ditzy xXx

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