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Friday, 20 September 2013

Gloriousness + Rainbows + Jelly + Sunshine = A Gloriously Happy Mix!

I've got to say people, I'm very disappointed in myself right now. Looking back, the last post I wrote was on Saturday 31st August. That's twenty days ago! Twenty! I was supposed to submit a post at least once a week! So sorry! I will try try try to not let it happen again!

I was thinking of sticking to submitting a post on one specific day of the week, like a Monday. But then, my life is so scattered at the moment that I don't think I'll be able to stick to it. And I don't want to make promises I can't keep. Because that would be rubbish. And I'd feel worse than I do right now. So until I get a job and some sort of routine incorporated into my life, I will remain scattered and my posts will be little surprises that unexpectedly pop up into your lives like glorious rainbows that emit glittery sprinkles of joy and sunshine. . . Ok, so, maybe my blog posts don't do that as such but I thought it was a rather glorious description, don't you?

Oh and that's another thing. 'Glorious' is now my new favourite word at the moment. It's just so. . . glorious, isn't it? And it's also so terribly pretentious. Sort of like, "Yes, I am glorious. I am the epitome of glorious. And I know it. And I shall emanate gloriousness to everyone, everywhere. And I am also made of strawberry jelly. Which is also glorious. Because I am glorious."

So yeah, glorious. It's a beautiful word. Expect to hear it a lot.

Right, so, nothing really that interesting has happened in my life over the past 20 days. Which is a bit rubbish really, considering nearly a month has gone by. Especially for a 19 year old girl. I should be full of amazing, exciting stories that shock you to the core and make you wee yourself laughing. But, alas, I have no such stories. Your jeans/chinos/skirts/shorts/palazzo's/dresses can rest easy.

I'm actually very happy right now. In fact, yesterday I was so happy for some absolutely unknown reason that I made soup! Yes. I made soup. It actually surprised me that I've made so many things that are quite challenging but a simple vegetable soup intimidated the living daylights out of me. But I did it! And it turned out fab! And it made me even more happy. And that happiness has lasted all this time. And it's still here. Whooooop!

So, happiness is a good thing. Obviously. Don't you just love being in your happy place though? It made me wonder what makes other people happy. Because, as beautiful as it is, it's actually really difficult to find your happy place nowadays. We have sooooo much to keep us out of it. But when you're there, in the deep realms of your happy place, it's so beautiful. So unlike anything else, any other feeling. Just savour it. Don't let anyone distract you from it. Because once you're out of it, the search begins all over again.

But I really would like to know, what makes you happy? Like, genuinely happy? Not fake happy. Not a happy face but gloomy insides. I mean really, deeply, happy?

I guess for me, it is the little things. Definitely just being with my family. My mum, brother and sisters and a bucket of KFC. Doing nothing but talking, chilling, watching TV and eating. That makes me happy. And it makes me feel content.

Also, Nandos. Followed by an evening of drinking. Drinking Coca Cola and Milk. Mixed. In a pint glass. Mmmm! With good friends. It's the perfick evening. Try it peeps!

***DISCLAIMER: I love Nandos. Love! But NEVER could I love Nandos more than my big sister. It's physically impossible to love it more than her. So people who think I'm crazy about it, just watch out for my sis ;) ***

Also, making people laugh. I love being made to laugh. Really belly laugh. Laugh until my sides hurt, my jaws ache, and I can't breathe. There's only one person that can make me do that, and that is my big brother. But, there's something about making someone else laugh that tops all of that. It fills me with so much inner joy and happiness that it literally cannot be contained. Kind of like sunshine emanating from inside me, shining on everyone around me. (I'm aware that I've been saying 'emanate' a lot. Sorry. It just can't be stopped!) But when someone laughs because of something I've said, I literally feel on top of the world. It means a lot to me =)

Also, hearing how much people enjoy my blog. This is a new happiness that has started to emerge recently now that I've started telling people about my blog. I had a guy friend come up to me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that he was bored one day and he decided to check it out. He thought it was really good and he really enjoyed reading it. THIS made me happy. Sooooo happy.

See, I've always seen this blog as a bit of a 'girl's read'. It's not though. But I never really thought guy's would be into it. Well, brilliantly, I've been proven wrong! So a massive thank you to all my guy readers! Your views are very much appreciated! Why not stick a comment down below if you are a dude enjoying this post? ;)

Now, I don't want to end on a low note. But I thought this was worth sharing. . .

About two weeks ago, I was really down. I was sick of being single. I felt alone, depressed, hopeless and just absolutely rubbish. Everyone was in a relationship or building up to a relationship. Some of my friends had people they liked. I didn't even have that. I wasn't interested in any guys around here and it got me depressed.

In fact, I was so upset (also extremely menstrual) that I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. But it wasn't full blown crying. Oh no. I had one tear. As much as I tried, no more would come. One tear. One! Because yes, ladies and gentlemen, even my tears are single now.

And to top it all off, I couldn't even comfort eat because there was a flippin' daddy long legs hovering about in my kitchen that I so wasn't ready to deal with. And I couldn't help but think, if I had a man, he'd be able to get it for me and be my knight in shining armour bearing chocolate and all things buttery. . .

*sigh* I must be calm. Happy place. Happy place!!!!

So yeah, during that period of time, wedding/engagement/dating/boyfriend/girlfriend/couples/love were all forbidden swear words to me.

But alas, I am out of that awful phase now. My time will come. I'd just appreciate it if it hurried up a bit. Just a little bit. And I'd also appreciate it if it had better punctuality than my past life events =S

But anyway, that's everything for now. I need to start job hunting *picks up cape and hunting gear*. . . I don't actually know what's included in hunting gear hence the vagueness. But meh, use your imagination people!

Have a good day my lovely readers. Be happy. Never stop. Find your happy place and set up camp there for a while.

Keep smiling folks!

Ditzy xXx


  1. Don't worry. You're not the only one to get down because of seeing others in relationships. I find it helpful to think of it this way, the right man just hasn't come along yet and he's out there just waiting for you. It's just not your time just yet. Just wait and you'll see what I mean :-)

    1. Thank you so much. That's a really lovely comment =) xXx

    2. It's Gina Sateena. I was unsure as to whether to reveal my secret identity (:-P) but I thought I'd let you know it's me who sent you the link and the original anonymous comment

    3. Awww Gina!!! Thanks so much for that! Amazing clip. And thanks for reading my blog =) xXx

  2. I hope this will make you feel good about yourself in future and now

    1. Wow thank you so much! This really is amazing!!! It's definitely inspired my next blog post. So thanks again Anonymous Person! =) xXx

  3. Hun you're blogs are amazing! I love you loads and never forget that! Xxxx

    1. Thanks so much lovely! I love you too my lil cupcake xxxx

  4. This blog post is GLORIOUS!!!! Hehe Take care & the right person will come along in the right time but don't wish your youth away by wanting to get married & having all the responsibilities & worries that go with it!

    You know where I am if you need me :) xxxx

    1. Thank you!! And thanks for reading Lo!! Hope you're good! xxxx

  5. You're awesome!!!!!!!!!! :D

    1. Hahaha thank you so much! So are you Oh Anonymous One (even more so for reading this blog AND commenting ;) ) xXx