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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Weird Words & Nostalgic Nougat

Hey guys how are you? So I have 23 minutes to types out this post... And  I have false nails on (gel tips if you're beauty inclined. I'm not. I still get nervous when people ask me about them because I'm worried I'll say it wrong. The long tips aren't mine the the under-nail is and I don't want to answer your nail related questions because I don't know enough about beauty so goodbye). But I decided to get Mario Related nails so I got Toad, the mushroom head, painted on and I love them! What do you think? They match my hella old phone case perfectly!

My phone case and my nails. Yeah... I really love all things N64 lol.
The only thing is, being diabetic, I have to do blood tests a lot. But everytime I do, it looks like I'm shooting Toad in the head. The fact that blood then splurges out doesn't help =/ Oooh but isn't 'splurge' such a fab word?!

I know, I really should have them removed now...
So, apologies for not writing sooner but I have been mega busy with work, coursework and other stuff. But I've been thinking a lot about words recently. I mean, my job involves a lot of written work that can't be copied, so everything I write for my job has to be completely original. So I figured I'd have to take on Eminem's sort of early days tactics and read a dictionary every night to learn new words and incorporate them into my writing at work. I've been in this job since February and I haven't picked up a dictionary, nor have I opened the dictionary app I got specially for starting this job. Great start, right?

But anyway, recently it came to my attention that my imagination plays a huge part in my idea of wordplay. You see, certain words reminds me of the weirdest things. I'm sure your mind does this too, so if it does, let me know in the comments below! (Oooh that rhymes!)

But here are some examples of the sort of thing I mean:

Glorious: If you've read my previous blogs, you'll know what I'm talking about but for you new readers (welcome!) here's the thought the word 'glorious' outs in my head. This is taken from my Septmeber 2013 post called 'Gloriouosness + Rainbows + Jelly +Sunshine = A Gloriously Happy Mix!'

"'Glorious' is now my new favourite word at the moment. It's just so. . . glorious, isn't it? And it's also so terribly pretentious. Sort of like, "Yes, I am glorious. I am the epitome of glorious. And I know it. And I shall emanate gloriousness to everyone, everywhere. And I am also made of strawberry jelly. Which is also glorious. Because I am glorious.""

Chuffed: I don't use this word a lot but I've heard people say it. I do love it though because it reminds me of Cheerios (the breakfast cereal) wearing little furry jackets, happily jumping into a massive bowl of milk (and, unbeknownst to them, their death. But they're totally unaware of their impending milk macerated demise...)

Touché: I love this word! Like really love this word. It reminds me of a mix between the Monopoly Man and Poirot, tipping his hat whilst tweaking his mustache.

Poirot and Monopoly Dude. I suppose they're pretty similar really.
Chickweed: I discovered this word a while ago when I was texting someone. I was going to call them chicken but somehow auto-correct changed it to 'chickweed'. I liked it so I sent it anyway and now it's become a pet name for most of my close friends. But this reminds me of a little chick wrapped in weeds and nesting material to keep warm whilst eating my mums chickpea curry. Well, it's better than the alternative of a chick smoking a joint now isn't it? ;) Remember, pugs not drugs people!

Here is the imperfectly perf Russell Howard wearing a Pugs not Drugs tee... because he's perf
Serial Killer: A tad morbid but when I heard this phrase for the first time, I was about 5 and I remember thinking it was someone who used had such an aversion to the breakfast option that they used to go round various supermarkets putting a knife through boxes of cereal.

Nostalgic: Nostalgic or Nostalgia reminds me of pink and white nougat dipped in liquid gold. I don't quite know why but meh. But isn't there something glorious about the word? Also how do you say 'nougat'? Noo-gaah or nugget?

Anyway, this now brings me to the 'Nostalgic Nougat' bit of this post. I was just thinking about my grandma and grandad and how loved up they were. I mean, we're talking about a man and woman born in the 1920's who are both Indian through and through. And yet, they loved each other so much. For example, I remember being told that my grandad used to put fresh flowers in my grandmas hair every morning when they lived in India. He loved her so much and he wasn't afraid to show it, which was different for that generation. My grandad, he remember small details about their wedding day and the first day he met my grandma. I won't go into it all, but they really, honestly loved each other so very much and they weren't ruled by a stiff upper lip. That's something that I want.

So anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this post. Sorry again for all the delays and stuff but I'm trying to balance everything at the moment. Ohhh and last last thing, Jhené Aiko posted such an amazing quote on instagram the other day:

It's scary how accurately this describes me. I don't love to get anything back. I love for the sake of loving. Love is basically my life. People come and go, they heal and they hurt, they encourage and they break down, but my love. It lasts forever. It is always there.

Keep smiling folks!

Ditzy xXx

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