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Sunday, 31 January 2016

I'm Back! Hello From The Other Side (. . . and other cringe-worthy song violating titles you can think of. . . )

Ugh how long has it been since I last spoke to you guys?! I'll tell you how long. . . 17 months! And I know that sounds like an overbearing mother saying her child is 24 months instead of simply 2 years old but I needed to emphasise the enormity of the matter. 17 months of no pointless ramblings from a slightly demented, verbally gesticular heap of a person. "Verbally gesticular" isn't really a term by the way but it seems fitting for how I feel. In fact, "gesticular" isn't a word but it doesn't matter because it's satisfying to say. Say it. . . "gesticular". Glorious, right?

So, if you've followed my trail of pandemonium, you'll know that I started doing vlogs on YouTube. It was just another platform I wanted to try out since I love talking so much and to be honest, my friends seemed to enjoy them as much as I liked making them so that was pretty rewarding in itself.

Then I got ill.

********** SHOCK **********
********** HORROR *********
********** DISASTER **********

***boo hoo/sob sob/waterworks/sighs of pity/too bad/oh what shame/life goes on***

Now I'm on the road to recovery. So I thought I'd say hi, inform you that I'm not dead and let you know that I plan to be here to stay. I miss writing my scattered thoughts down and I miss hearing your reactions to my posts. So I've decided to start blogging again, with maybe the occasional vlog thrown about here and there for good measure.

A lot has happened over the past year or so but I feel like it'd be redundant to talk about it all. Though it has to be said, despite everything, my love of food is still heartily intact. So I'm almost back to my old self with a bit more wisdom and a smidgen more body fat but ya know what? That's okay. Because I'm in a pretty bright place right now. And nope, it's not because I have a 100 watt light bulb in my lamp (don't ask).

So basically this is my big:
"Hello, it's me, 
I was wondering if after all these months you'd like to read, 
To go over everything. 
They say that times supposed to heal ya, 
And I've done quite a lot of healing actually. 
Hello, can you see this? 
I'm sat behind this screen in England with a cup of tea. 
And it's raining. . . and cold, 
I've forgotten how it felt to be able to feel my feet.
There's such a difference, between my posts
And a million thoughts.

Hello from the other side
I must've wrote a thousand times
To tell you I'm sorry for not posting so much
But when I sit down to write, my brain turns to mulch
Hello from the outside
At least this post that I've designed
Is something that I'm a little bit proud of.
And I hope that you think it's not -overly soft
For a blog."

Okay I had a lot of fun writing that. It was totally unplanned. I intended to just write "this is my big "hello, it's me, I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to read" but then it escalated like a Bollywood movie/Telenovela explosion (yep, I'm hooked on Jane The Virgin). It's actually so cringey it's giving me butterflies but I can't have a big Adele-like break and not come back in Adele-like manner, can I?

So anyway, let me leave before I absolutely, unapologetically obliterate another song.

Keep smiling, folks!

Ditzy xXx

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