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Monday, 1 February 2016

Pinch, Punch First Day Of The Month!

Where has the month gone? Where?!?!?! Can you believe that January 2016 is actually over? Because I'm struggling to come to terms with it if I'm completely honest. Is time going faster or am I just getting older and therefore more aware of it? I don't know but I'm not sure I like it. But for now I'll grin and bear it and say a hearty "welcome" to February and all that it will bring.

Life is short. We know that. That phrase is thrown about all the time, sometimes as an excuse for recklessness, sometimes as an actual fact and sometimes just to fill awkward silences. Okay so granted, saying "life is short" in an awkward silence is probably gonna make things more awkward. In fact it will. Don't say it. I've done it before and the person backed away slowly thinking I was about to kill him.

But anyway, life is short. There's no two ways about it. You have your allotted time on this earth and once it's up, it's up. Some of us have longer than others but the reason we throw the phrase about so much is because the more we go on, the more we realise this. Loved ones leave us way before their time more and more and it's a terrifying fact of life. I've lost many people close to me and it never seems to get easier to deal with, but why should it? Death is a harsh reality that we have to deal with.

I don't care how cliche this sounds but tell the people you love that you love them. Tell people how much they mean to you. Write that book that you always wanted to write. Showcase those drawings you always wanted to get out there. Upload that singing video to YouTube. Shoot your shot. Post that vlog with those anecdotes you were nervous about. Reach those goals. Be who you want to be and the best version of that. Because our time is limited. Why not use that time to be as happy as we can be?

That's all easier said than done of course, but sometimes we're so stuck with thoughts of "I can't" that we fail to make ways to make things work. That's all. Just a little reminder that you deserve to be happy too, not just those around you.

Keep smiling folks, as hard as that may be at times.

Ditzy xXx

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