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Monday, 8 July 2013

Friends, Firings, Fabulous Finds and Fantastic Matches

Hello guys! Hope you're all good!

So this past week has been mad! But in a good way. I was able to catch up with lots of friends who I hadn't seen in quite some time which was brilliant. Totes emotes that the weekend is over though, because I miss them all already! You all know who you are, my beautiful cupcakes! So the weekend was full of love, laughs, learning, and just pure amazing-ness!

Slightly sad news. . . Myles Mordaunt was fired from The Apprentice last week *sob sob*. Yes, the eye candy that was the Silver Surfer himself was let go from the show after, quite frankly, a shocking performance as Project Manager. I'm not normally so harsh. But it was actually really unnerving to see such a calm and collected man so. . . uncalm and uncollected. Also, I'm well aware that 'uncalm' isn't a word, but let's just ignore the angry red lines underneath it and stick with it.

But ever the gentleman, Myles held his own through the rollicking in the boardroom and accepted full responsibility. Also, when being interviewed on 'You're Fired', he didn't have a bad word to say about anyone. . . *sigh*. . . SUCH a gentleman =') But I do wish him all the very best in the future. He seems to be the perfect businessman but in his own area of expertise. So all the best! (Though I know Myles doesn't need my best wishes. He has his own website! Yes, when I say accomplished, I mean accomplished!)  << See!!!

My latest Fabulous Finds include Gabrielle Aplin, who I love at the moment! I'm hoping to go and see her live soon! I actually have her album 'English Rain' playing in the background. It's so beautiful. Seriously. Really, really soothing. My fave song is Home, without a doubt. It's just perfect. The vocals, the lyrics, the tone. I love everything about it!

Also, does anyone remember an old Garage tune called Sweet Like Chocolate by Shanks & Bigfoot (and vocals by Sharon Woolf, NOT Kylie Minogue, as someone once thought. . . If you're reading this, you know who you are =P).

Well, I found a revamp of the song by MNEK, an up and coming singer who is uh-mazing! Seriously check him out if you haven't heard him before, but I'm sure you probably have heard some of his stuff. He collaborated with the likes of Rudimental and Disclosure (both of whom I love!!!!!). But seriously, if you remember the song, check this out. He hasn't spoiled it or taken anything away. He's incorporated it into his own thing and I love love love it!!! Oh and it's called Sweet Fantasy =)

And here is the original track by Shanks & Bigfoot. . .

It's funny, that was the first ever single I bought as a kid. I listened to it all the time and even made up a dance routine to it haha. It's so good to hear it back again! Aww sweet memories! Even though stuff was messed up, I was completely unaware of the extent of it all. And that ignorance was indeed bliss.

So those have been my Fab Finds of the week.

Last but definitely not least is WIMBLEDON!!!! Have you guys been into it at all? I have. Massively. And I'd like to congratulate the amazing Andy Murray for winning the Men's Finals vs. Novak Djokovic. The first Brit to win Wimbledon in 77 years!!! What an amazing victory!

Kudos to Djokovic though. He fought hard 'til the end and made Andy work hard for the win! It was an uphill battle but our Andy did it. Well done!!!!

Oh and one last thing. A quick thank you to Sam Fender because he read my blog (I posted the link to it on his Facebook and he commented on it!). It means so much to me to have people read this or just have a gander. And he also interacts with his fans, which is so different from many other people rising to fame. So thanks Sam! =D

Ok cupcakes! I hope you've enjoyed reading this! Have a fabulous day in this fabulous weather! Let's hope the sun is here to stay for a while. And in the words of Labrinth. . .

"Let the sun shine, let the sun shine, baby, let it all go, just let it all go"

Yep. No matter what your age, gender, ethnicity, status, or disposition, stay young at heart, happy, and carefree. Let the sun shine, let it all go, and enjoy life!

Ditzy xXx

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