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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Confessions of a Compulsive, Bargain Hunting Insomniac and The Lazy Diet. . . Last post of 2013!!

Well hello there you glorious rays of sunshine! How are you this fantabulous morning? Yep, I said morning. I am awake in the morning. 7am to be precise. Whoever knows me personally will know that I am not a morning person. Currently being in this ridiculous unemployed web that I find myself in, I have no reason to wake up in the morning and therefore will sleep in. Well, I do have reason to wake up. This isn't some cry for help. But call it Chronic Fatigue/ME/Insomnia/Freakishness or a combination of all the above, I've found myself going through a period of what I can only describe as Sleep Paralysis.

It was really weird. I'd wake up at about 9ish (which is early for me but I've found that that's a lie in for Morning People) but I would find myself unable to move. Like, I literally just could not move. I was pretty conscious if not a little weary from sleep and I'd want to check my phone (because I am your stereotypical tech-obsessed 19 year old) but I literally just wouldn't be able to move. And this would either force me to go back to sleep or just lie there until my body caught up with my mind and woke up. Like I said, weird.

But anyway, I've not been sleeping these past few weeks. I'd lie in bed for hours not being able to sleep until something ridiculous like 6am. (Bright side, if this hadn't happened I never would have noticed the smoke alarm I had in my room for two years but only just noticed a few weeks ago in my insomnia driven haze). At first I refused to get up and do something else other than try to sleep. But then I found myself in that typical Insomnia Cycle of thinking and over thinking. I'd think up future scenarios that would never actually happen (and I don't mean the sort where you imagine yourself marrying a guy that you adore but would never have a chance with in real life. I mean imagining a world made of chocolate. . .). Then there's other vital stuff like wondering what I'm doing with my life, wondering what's in the fridge, wondering what to have for dinner tomorrow. . . You know, strictly the important stuff is contemplated in this gem of a mind =S

Then I decided it was ridiculous to just lie there every night. There's only so much stuff you can think and over think and over over think.

So anyway, it was Insomnia's fault that I found myself on my laptop at 3am on Boxing Day, online shopping to see if any of the sales had started. Which they had. Much to my delight and my bank account's dismay. I'd also find myself reading pointless articles like "The 7 Most Shocking Easter Eggs Found In Movies". (If you don't know what Easter Eggs are, they're basically hidden messages and the like found in movies, games, music videos, etc).

In fact, Insomnia is the reason that most of my Instagram followers are from America and anywhere that isn't England. I'm more active on my Instagram at stupid o'clock, when any normal, sane residents of England are sound asleep.

It's also why my eBay auctions end at weird times like 4am, because that's the time that I put them up! But it does have it's plus sides such as the glorious followers I have on Instagram, the fabulous bargains I had first dibs on and I can also have blog posts ready for you guys to read bright and early on your way to work/school/college/uni/the Jobcentre (my current category).

Oh my Lazy Diet! I nearly forgot! Today, I am starting a Meal Replacement diet! But before you guys imagine me losing my hair on my head and gaining it on my top lip at a more rapid speed, have no fear. These shakes are completely healthy, organic, with loads of vitamins, minerals and other ridiculously healthy raw ingredients. It's completely safe and you only replace 2 meals a day. It ensures you get all the nutrients you need and it helps aid weight loss and it gives energy. But truth be told, the real reason I'm going on this diet is because I'm being really really lazy. At the moment, I can't be bothered (and can't afford) to eat salads all the time. So I'm cutting out carbs, trying to eat healthier and more balanced, cutting down portion size, etc etc. But I can't be bothered to exercise at the moment. I mean, when the weather gets better, I'll be a lot more active but at the moment, I really don't want to. This is the worst attitude I could have, I know. But it won't be for long. For now though, while I become a vegetable for a couple of weeks, I shall start these meal replacement things. Also, I decided to start it today (Tuesday) rather than on a Monday. Because we all know that any diet that starts on a Monday is automatically deemed to fail.

Lastly, it's the last day of 2013!!! Which means this is my last post of the year! Is it just me or has this year gone quicker than all the others? 2013 has actually been full of amazing things for me. I started getting more serious with this blog, posting more regularly. As a result, I've had more of a response on it which has been amazing and such a confidence boost! I've met some amazing people and made some amazing new friends that I can call family. I turned 19 (the last year of my teens!), I finished college, receiving my Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care. Okay so maybe I found out about my leaky kidneys this year and I'm currently jobless but I feel 2014 is the start of something amazing. I'm more determined than ever to get a job, lose weight (but I don't want to get too thin. I love my curves. I just want to get fit and healthy). And I think it will be a year full of happiness, because I'm determined to make it that way. Remember peeps, life is what you make it.

So I'm gonna stop there now. I'm snug in bed with my music playing in the background (currently a bit of Marvin Gaye's Heard It Through The Grapevine), wrapped in my duvet, continuously sniffing perfume cards that I've had in bag for a while, because the smell of aftershave makes me happy ;) Oh come on! You can't have expected me to get through a whole blog post and not add something remotely pervy =P

Oh and just a small fact that I feel the need to share. .  .I still don;t have a Onesie =( January Sales: Operation Onesie is on people. I solemnly declare to have a Onesie by the end of January 2014. Watch. . . By the time I get one they'll be banned for some sort of hazard to health or something. . . =S

Oh and one last thing! This pic explains all but tomorrow me and thousands of others worldwide will be taking part in The Ribbon Project to help raise suicide awareness. Post a pic on instagram and hashtag it with #ribbonproject114. Tag me if you like @ditzypolkadot because I'd love to see your support for this cause =)

So keep being the amazing people that you are!! And feel free to comment or share this bog post if you fancy it =)

Keep smiling folks!

Ditzy xXx

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