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Monday, 13 January 2014

The Yellow Jelly Baby Syndrome

Well hello there you fine specimens! What brings you over to this neck of the blog woods? Whatever it is, I'm glad you came (cue The Wanted's Glad You Came music).

So I've had a rough couple of weeks lately. I've just got over a virus that knocked me off my feet for about a week (not in a nice way either). Anyway, good things seem to be happening to good people and I couldn't help but reevaluate my life in the most negative light possible. Like, really really negative. Like, blacker than black. Like, think of the films Les Misérables, The Colour Purple, Titanic, Revolutionary Road, Precious; put them all in a box and imagine the gloomy vibes that that concoction will give out. Well my mood made those films seem like happy family movies to watch on a Saturday night. Yes, that's how depressed and angry and emotional I felt.

So whilst wallowing in my despair and feeling sorry for myself, I graced my mood/condition with a name: The Yellow Jelly Baby Syndrome. Think of a bag of Jelly Babies. Which are the ones that you immediately go for? The red and black ones right? So you go through the bag, picking them out until you've only got the rubbish ones left. What colour? That's right, the yellow and green ones. Some people, if they're really desperate, will go for the green ones. Because they're not that bad, but you still have to grimace while you eat them. Then there's the yellow ones. The yellow ones. The yellow babies. The unwanted ones. The ones that have been left right to the end. The ones that only those people who are absolutely past the point of desperateness go for. Sometimes, people don't even eat them. They throw them away. And those that do go for them eat them whilst thinking, wishing, they were the red or black ones. But the point of the matter is, people would rather throw them away or leave them on the side forever than actually eat them. Because they are the horrible, rubbishy, unwanted yellow ones. And if you say you like the yellow ones, you're weird (but embrace it!).

So yeah, I felt like a Yellow Jelly Baby (and that's not just because my skin can sometimes take on a slightly yellow tinge).

So I accepted the fact that I am a Yellow Jelly Baby and I wallowed in it. And as I said, I felt sorry for myself for a while. I'm out of it now a little bit. And I'm slowly starting to take on my positiveness again.

I mean, you've got to stay positive after going on a negative binge, don't you? Otherwise you'll forever be miserable and that's no fun for anybody. And  maybe one day I'll be the Red Jelly Baby to someone. You never know!

Keep Smiling, Folks!

Ditzy xXx

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  1. hahahahaah this made me chuckle keep up the good work Ditzy xxxx

  2. I do eat the red ones! and the yellow ones too! in fact... I eat all of them! hahahahaha but be sure, You are a red, juicy, delicious, so bad wanted red jelly baby and someone dies to eat you! You just don´t know it yet ;) hahahaha Always happens, xD Regards!!!! by the way, I´m @julysgm from Instagram! hahahaha