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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Spring Is Here! Let's Turn Over A New Leaf!

My glorious readers I'm sorryyyyyyy! I haven't posted in soooo long! But I have a good reason. I have a job!!! Whooop! Can we just take a moment to celebrate that fact? I have a job!! A paying job!! A job that I love. And it pays. And I love it. And it's amazing. And my boss buys us all breakfast sometimes. Yes!! My job sometimes includes free food!! I'm actually welling up a bit now. Because I haven't actually had a chance to actually appreciate that fact and ponder it properly. My job pays in money but it also has the added bonus of food =') and you all know how much food means to me right? Like, food means EVERYTHING to me. Everything. I was actually thinking about this the other day. Let me explain. . .

So a lot of my friends are getting married and engaged and are finding their significant others while I'm just here like, "Aww, isn't Marshmallow Fluff like the coolest invention ever??" I also have an unhealthy obsession with a lil food place called Nandos. If you don't know what Nando's is, it's an amazing restaurant that specialises in chicken. It's uh-mazing. In fact, stop reading this blog for a second, open up a new tab (I hope you're not one of those people that works with new windows still. We're in 2014 now. Keep up.) And Google 'Nando's'. Read up on it if you so want. But ultimately, find out where your nearest one is, find out how you and your homies are gonna get there and figure out when. Preferably after you've finished reading this blog. Finish reading, maybe share this blog if you're feeling generous and then GO!!! GO TO NANDO'S PEOPLE. SPREAD YOUR WINGS. LIVE. LIVE DANGEROUSLY. LIVE HAPPILY. LIVE NANDOS!

Ahem, anyway, my thought process... ah yeah! The reason I bring up Nando's is because I had yet another epiphany. When the time comes for me to eventually settle down and get hitched, I would happily accept a cheapo sterling silver engagement ring provided it comes along with a lifetimes subscription for Nando's. Seriously. I just want to be united with Nando's forever. Like, I want all happy events to happen in Nando's... anyway, we'll stop the Nando's talk now... the more I reflect, the more I believe I need help and that's unnerving.

Erm so yeah I have a job! I now write for a living. Not freelance or anything. I write about subjects that I am told to write about but it's doing what I love and for that I'm soooo grateful! I never thought I'd get paid to write! And I can write what I want on here, so this is my freestyle writing canvas if you like haha. But working full time is enjoyable but also a shock to the system so I've been shattered! And a lot happened in my life before I got my job so that was all a bit hectic. So that's why I've not written on here. Sorry guys!! But I am gonna be regular now.

A lot has happened since getting this job. A lot of good, some pretty bad but mainly good! My singleness isn't getting to me as much. And this isn't gonna be yet another relationship post. But I will say this: I've seen so many memes on social networking sites saying how perfect relationships should be and people's ideas of perfect relationships. Some I love, some I disagree with. But these memes are just different people's opinions on what perfect relationships are. They might not necessarily be perfect for you though. For example, I know for a fact that if I had a significant other, most of the time, my idea of the perfect weekend would be: ultimate chillout mode, hoodies, videogames, junk food, no makeup, hair up, lynx infused cuddles, ciders and watching footy on match day whilst freely shouting/throwing cushions at the telly during goals. But then, some weekends I'd want to dress up and wear my best clothes and go for drinks out and wear expensive perfume and have a laugh and be a right girly girl. It all depends on my and his mood. What I'm trying to say is, don't let memes dictate how you are. If you hate the idea of football, give it a go. If you still hate it after trying to like it, fine! Don't feel that you have to like certain things or be a certain way to please your boyfriend/girlfriend. And if you feel inadequate, ask yourself why. A relationship is meant to make you both feel good. It's not meant to be one sided. Ha! There I go again giving relationship advice when I haven't even been in a proper relationship... story of my life!

So anyway before I go, I feel I have to mention sport in this post. This weekend has been such an amazing weekend in sport. Football wise, Derby County beat Nottingham Forest 5 nil. Yep, you read that right. 5 NIL!!!! And seeing the highlights was a glorious sight indeed. Well done you Rams!! And in cricket news, India beat the West Indies, so well done guys!!

So yeah, a good sport weekend all round ;)

Anyway, keep smiling peeps!

Ditzy xXx

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  1. Congrats on getting paid,feels good when u receive ur sweat money trust me. Monday, 13 January 2014 was your last comment before this yesterdays all good though,hope you are fully adjusted into the system now though. I like your idea of the perfect weekend with your significant other,may i add music playing in the background around the house..stealing meat from the pot..that kind thing sha. Life is what we actually make of it,one can choose to be happy or unhappy regardless. People get busy when the little angels from heaven joins the family,people get serious and more serious and more SERIOUS... but then again life is what we make of it really.