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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I've Gotta Give It To You, Your Give Me Problems but I'm Addicted To You, Hooked On Your Love. . . Haha Just Kiddin', Just Hold On I'm Moving On ;)

Phew! What a mouthful that title is! How apt that I have a mouthful of couscous whilst writing this post hehe. Okay so I'm writing this post on my lunch break and I'm not gonna lie, that fills me with a slight buzz. I mean, I'm now busy enough to have to 'fit' this blog into my actually hectic life! Like, I don't have a minute to myself. And this makes me happy! Like SO happy! Because I am now busy 5 days a week at work and then weekends are filled with social activities with my amazing friends. I'm not bragging. You guys know how bad my social life has been in the past. But I now feel I'm finally living like a 19 year old should live. Earning in the week and then chilling with friends on the weekend. And it's bliss!

Though on the other end of the spectrum, I do have a spare weekend this weekend and I'm actually looking forward to sleeping in and doing absolutely nothing for two days straight. Oooh the excitement! Oh yeah, and on the subject of food, it might seem odd of me to leave out the details of my lunch. Well today I'm consuming an interesting mix of Sainsbury's Moroccan Couscous with Ritz Crackers. Yep, clearly living the high life peeps! Though Sainsubury's is an upgrade from Asda Value, truth be told, which is why I feel the need to type it in italic.

Oooh the title of this blog! Let me explain it! So the titles is a mish mash of three songs that I'm in love with at the moment:

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Addicted To You

Hold On, We're Going Home

So yeah I've had a lot of rubbish go on recently with friends revealing their true colours (shiiiining through, I can see your truuuuue colours and that's why I loooove you. . . ) erm yeah, their true colours that weren't so pretty. The thing is, when you connect with a person so well and you consider them a good friend, it can be hard when you suddenly find yourself having to cut off cold from them. To be honest, I found it hard, as everything reminded me of said person. Let's call them Aardvark. I don't quite know why, but the old cartoon 'Arthur' came to mind just now, so let's roll with it.

So Aardvark was a person who I connected with really well. Aardvark made me laugh and we lived on the same wavelength and stuff. We just clicked, is all. But sadly, Aardvark decided to cut ties all of a sudden. I'll never completely know why from the Aardvark's mouth, but heyho, life goes on. Well the thing was, I used to talk to Aardvark so very much that everything reminded me of him/her. Certain songs, certain TV programmes, certain sports, certain words, even my favourite ever restaurant Nandos and that was annoying. It made me sad because I knew stupid Aardvark was never gonna be there to crack me up anymore. Wow! I make him sound like he's dead. Aardvark is very much alive and probably kicking somewhere.

But anyway, me being the weirdo, headstrong, stubborn chick that I am, I decided not to hide behind these songs and words and programmes. Ya know people tend to cut these things out of their life if they inflict upsetting memories. Well, I didn't want these to control me. I didn't wanna get a lump in my throat every time I heard/saw them. So I decided to tackle them head on. I listened to these tunes over and over, I watched the TV programmes continuously and I thought long and hard about everything. It was totes emo people. But I did it.

So now, after all that hurt, I can listen to these songs with a smile on my face. They don't make me sad. They remind me of how strong I actually am. I conquered. And I'm happy now =)

So whether you've similarly lost a friend like this, getting over heartbreak or whatever, try it. It's difficult, but you become sooooo strong after!!

We deserve better than second best, guys. When it comes to friends and even relationships, don't settle for second best. Why do that?

And don't cross oceans for someone who wouldn't cross a puddle for you. 
Because oceans are meant to be crossed together. . . 

And so to play on Drake's tune a bit, just hold on peeps, I'm moving onnnnn! 

Oh oh oh!!! Last thing! Word of the day is: "Chickweed"! 
I was texting a friend and was going to call him 'chicken' but my autocorrect changed it to 'chickweed'. I rolled with it though and now it's my favourite word at the moment. Use it and spread it people!

Keep Smiling, folks!

Ditzy xXx

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