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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Won't You Stay With Me, 'Cause I Need You Darlin'

Nope nope nope, don't get excited. I'm not in love. Well, I am but it's not what you think. The culprit is popcorn. Yes, popcorn. I am in love with popcorn. So much so that I'd go so far as to say it's better than chocolate. Yep. I said it. *cue all hormonal, menstrual girls to start a witch hunt for me now*. Just call me Wayne ;) I've always liked popcorn, but recently, I've been eating it quite a lot. And I've started experimenting with different flavours, adding stuff to the mix and just going a bit crazy as per usual. Let me tell you now, the possibilities are ENDLESS. It's a whole new world of excitement, so if I were you, I'd enter it now. So popcorn is the reason for the title of this blog post. I have an unexplainable love for it and I need it and it should never leave me.

Also just a huge congratulations to Sam Smith for reaching Number 1 in the UK charts for Stay With Me. What a glorious song that is!!!!! And also congrats to Ed Sheeran for getting his first UK No1 for Sing. That song will always get me dancing. It's fab!!! Also, a small part of me hopes these two will Google their names one day and stumble upon this blog... yeah...

Anyway, complete change of subject here but don't you hate it when you walk into a bathroom and the automatic air freshener sprays as soon as you walk in. I mean really! Rude much? I just got here and you already feel the need to scent my path? Maybe I just came in to wash my hands! I mean, how is that meant to make a girl feel? Just imagine:

"Aww you look beautiful! But hold up. Let me "Febreeze" you up first".

These air fresheners need to sort themselves out. I mean, if we can invent stuff like phones controlled by eye movement, you can't tell me we can't have air fresheners to spray when we leave the bathroom. At least be sly about it.

Another swift change of subject (I have ADHD thoughts today so just go with it. I don't have ADHD though, I'm wayyyy too lazy), but is it just me or do The 1975 seem to creep a lot? (If you think that's a typo for "the year 1975" remove yourself from this blog, YouTube them and then kick yourself for not knowing who they are. You may now continue reading).

I mean, I love love love them, but they always seem to be creeping! The following lyrics are taken from various songs by them:

"For crying out loud, settle down! You know I can't be found with you".
"She's got a boyfriend anyway".
"Worrying about my brother finding out".

Find your own girls guys!!! But I'm sure they have. Seeing as they're practically world famous now. And amazing. Like seriously, uh-mayzzz-inggggg. But it's just an observation.

Also, speaking of music, who on earth is Ryan Lewis? I mean, I love Macklemore and his music is fab. But why is everything "Macklemore and Ryan Lewis"? I mean, where is he?? Where's his voice? I just wanna hear your voice Ryan! That's all. Show us your voice!!! =') And that would be perf =)

Oh! I have a new occupation now! Yeah, I'm a self proclaimed artist. You know why? Twitter. I mean think about it: getting my weirdo, rambling, messed up thoughts contained enough to write what I'm thinking in 140 characters? That's an art. So I'm an artist now. And if you wanna catch that flow, follow me on Twitter: @ditzypolkadot.

Or don't. I post too much. And I'm a little off the wall (haha get it? Off the wall? Off the Twitter wall? Oh dear...). See that? One perk of dating me is I laugh at my own jokes, so you don't have to. But I'm hilarious. So you will laugh.

Ok finally, thought for the day/week/month/year/lifetime:

It's a little mean. But it's me. I'm kinda like a bowl of popcorn. I'm overall really nice. Like, I am a nice person. Honestly. But if you do my head in, I might just throw you an unpopped kernel, sort of like a reality check? (Also, don't you think it's mega cool that uncooked popcorn things are called kernels and Mr KFC himself is also called The Colonel?? Isn't that just proof that they're two of the most amazing things to ever grace our world?)

Ohhhhh also! The World Cup 2014 starts tomorrow!!!!! Eeeeek!!!! Who are you guys rooting for?? You excited?! Because I am! But I think I contain it well ;)

***BUT (See the "***" and italics to show this is important? Like that touch? I do.) If any of you are thinking of buying me a gift any time between 12th June 2014 (tomorrow) and Sunday 13th July 2014, please buy me cider (preferably Stella or Henry Weston's) because I intend for this period of time to be a cider/football filled haze. Thanks in advance. I also accept vouchers for Tesco, Morrison's, Asda and Sainsbury's (yes, I like to live the high life sometimes)... So yeah...***

Anyway, my lunch is nearly over so I'm off. Hope you guys enjoy this post. It is pretty scattered but that's what my current thoughts are like at the moment haha.

Have a good day peeps!

Keep smiling, folks!

Ditzy xXx

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  1. This is hilarious because my thoughts jump around like this as well ��